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Overview of Green Diamond
Green Diamond is an internationally accepted company for its enterprise in Date fruits. The company was initially located in its home Country in the Middle East but later decided to spread to other Malaysia. The expansion was timely as there was a growing market for dates in other locations. The expansion was relevant as the Malaysian company served the needs for the home country, Singapore and others. The best decision made by Green Diamond was to engage in international business markets such as those at Brunei and Malaysia. As much as the sister companies in different locations supply other fruits and nuts. The main product by Green Diamond is Dates. Green Diamond realized that there was a rapidly growing market for dates. This growth was necessary in ensuring that the emerging markets embrace the brand and rely on their products fully.
Marketing techniques
Creating a stable market in the new destinations engaged thorough marketing practices that sensitized the market on the presence of Green Diamond. The main entry points were attractive to the potential consumers who embraced the product fully. Green Diamond has regard for its clientele and this enabled the company to yield higher fruits from responding to consumer needs.
Handling food edible products derives a need to exercise utmost hygiene. Green Diamond has been in the forefront in maintaining high hygienic conditions. Green Diamond ensured that its presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei was relevant to the specific market needs. The company supplied the highest quality dates in these markets to secure loyalty and reliability.  There are different types of dates that Green Diamond supplies to its destinations and these types are individually relevant to the tastes and nutritional value. There are regions that appreciate certain types of dates than others and Green Diamond has placed measures in place to embrace the value of diversity and response to the market. The varieties of dates are listed below:

  1. ROTAB MAZAFATI BAM:  Kurma Mazafati (kurma Madu) fruit is one of the most famous and delicious varieties of the dates which is usually used as Rutab.
  2. AJWA DATES:  is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia. It is cultivated at Madinah Monawara. A delightfully soft and fruity date with fine texture. This type considers the best date from Madinah.
  3. PIAROM DATE:  Piarom date is the most delicious semi dried date in the whole world.
  4. MABROOM DATES: The Mabroom has dark brown, semi-translucent skin embellished with malleable wrinkles. It has a chewy brown flesh that is not so sweet. Its texture is a combination of soft and firm with a slight bite from its fibrous inside.
  5. SAFAWI DATE: Safawi is a soft, moist variety of date fruit from Saudi Arabia, cultivated in Madinah. It is dark brown and deliciously sweet.
  6. ZAHEDI DATE: Zahedi Date is one the dry varieties of the date in most regions of Iran, however, in some regions it is known as a semi-dried date. It is also called as Ghasb.
  7. SAYER DATE: Sayer Date is semi-dried with moisture under 15% and is dark brown color. The date is long in size and shelf life is approximately 18 months at room temperature.
  8. DEGLET NOUR: Deglet Nour is a cultivar of date. It is considered as one of the best dates in the world and is commonly referred to as the "Queen of all dates".
  9. KABKAB DATE: Kabkab Date is Black-Brown in Color with a sweet and great taste.
  10. MEDJOOL DATE: Medjool dates are a type of tree fruit that originate in the South Africa, Palestine and North Africa, but they can be cultivated with some success in a number of desert-like regions around the world. Kurma Medjool consider one of the best date fruit in the world.

These products and activities are relevant to their own uniqueness and the uniqueness makes the product attractive to the customers who have identified with the products. Reaching out to the special needs of consumers was our pride as Green Diamond was relevant procedure, as Green Diamond believes in quality and satisfaction for consumer needs. Different regions appreciate certain products more and conducting market survey ensured that we give more of the preferred dates.
Marketing design in new destinations
The decision to explore international markets was ideal as the new destinations prove to be resourceful after the launch. Green diamond has made efforts to receive customer feedback and complaints promptly in order adjust fully. Customer service in all our destinations is fully trained to empathize and solve consumer challenges within the shortest time possible. The teams at customer care departments are aware of the distribution channels and they can response to any concerns that consumer may rise boldly, strengthen the customer service is a strategy that Green Diamond set in place to reach to the market fully and effectively.
Other Products by Green Diamond
Green Diamond has a variety of dates that are both healthy and acceptable the consumers in different locations. Apart from the supplies, Green Diamond provides nuts and fruits to its markets. Canada has received these products warmly and part form dates, they have embraced the nuts and fruits equally to form a sustainable market destination. South America has equally embraced products by Green Diamond and the company has selected the best quality fruit form Middle East. The producers of the dates and fruits distributed by Green Diamond are respect and their reputation gives Green Diamond confidence that they will continuously provide the consumers with quality fruit. Green Diamond has a policy against compromise for quality and value of fruit presented to the market. The main product that Green Diamond deals with being dates, the company has ventured different types of dates. The variety presents the company with a wider selection to choose.
The present success enjoyed by Green Diamond in its market destinations hails from its timely delivery and pleasant presentation of products. Dates have a larger market demand in the entire market destination and this reality indicates that Green Diamond should embrace its functions fully and effectively. Dried figs are among the products that Green Diamond presents to its markets. There are different categories of figs that include those which are open on the surface and others with slight openings. Pistachio Kernels are acceptable fruits in the markets that contains tasty kernels. These kernels are eaten completely after roasting, adding salt or fresh. The red and green Pistachio kernel is natural and the market has a high demand for the Kernels for their high nutritive value. Green Diamond has also ventured into supply of Raisins, which are derived from seedless grapes. There are different moisture levels according to the procedures that take place at the production process. The half-dried raisins and fully dried are both relevant to the markets with which Green Diamond supplies. There are different types of dates based on their origin and consumers are aware of their favorite types of dates. Keeping the highest quality standards of quality fruit is main business at Green Diamond as the future of business in its destination markets relies on quality of dates and fruits provided.
Supplies and Certification

Green Diamond has a policy of fast shipping policies that ensures that supplies take lesser time to reach their destinations. Dates and the other products by Green Diamond are susceptible to perish ability. This reality prompts Green Diamond to ensure that shipping takes the least time possible.
Green Diamond enjoys a steady supply of dates and other fruits all year round. The steady supply is relevant in maintaining the customer loyalty. Seasonal supplies can lose customers and Green Diamond has ensured that the brand keeps its products in supply to meet the consumer needs. Green Diamond carries HACCP, Kosher, Halal, ISO 9001.These certifications indicate that Green Diamond is reliable as a household name in supply of dates, nuts and fruits. The international certification ensures is a mark of trust and quality to its market. Green diamond intends to grow to new markets and increase its growth and overall acceptability

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