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Green Diamond date fruits Company is committed to provide sustainable premium quality of date fruits that is ethically purchased from farmers and delivered in best way to customers. Green Diamond always ensure that dates are in their best quality while the company promote social, economic and environmental standards in its practices.

A holistic approach is taken to provide ethical sourcing, implementing responsible practice towards purchasing premium quality dates, farmer supports, and environmental standards.

In Green Diamond date fruits Company, there is always a careful practice on the payment for local farmers, protect the rights of workers, fair conditions towards the whole process of preparing date fruits from local farms to customer doorstep. Green Diamond is honored to have built a 38 years of strong relationship with local farmers. We build a future with farmers by working closely with them, protecting their rights, paying them on time, pre-purchasing of their whole products, educating them the standards for high quality date fruits cultivation. These are the main reasons how we can offer the lowest price for our high quality dates in the world market.

Prohibition of child and forced labor is one of the big concerns for Green Diamond Company during years of serving customers. As a Date fruit company, exclusive Date wholesaler, and premier Iranian Dates supplier and export of Date fruits, we always remember our tight belonging to local farmers’ communities, hence we all together create a long-term supply of premium quality dates and positively impact the lives of palm farmers, their communities and the whole people and the planet.

Important additions to our practices include activities to manage waste products and reduce it to the possible minimum amount, protect water quality for the purpose of washing the date fruits before packaging, and reduce the pesticides and agrochemicals use in local palm farms. Our ultimate goal is to provide 100% organic date fruits in utmost reliable and sustainable relationship with our local farmers and loyal customers.


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Mazafati Date

Mazafati Date is also known as Kimia date, and Bam date (after the region in which the most delicious dates of this kind are grown), are one of the many different kinds of Iranian date fruit. They are perhaps the most popular, well-known variety of date; it is estimated that Mazafati dates account for 20% of Iran’s total export of dates. With a unique taste, they are considered to be one of the most delicious of all date varieties.


Zahedi Date

Zahedi dates (Zehdi Date) are just one of the varieties of dates lovingly produced in iran - home of the most exquisitive dates in the world. Of these, the Zahedi date is considered the most frequently used variety of date in Iran. It is considered one of the most delicious dried dates in the world.


Piarom Date

Piarom dates, also known as Marayami dates or 'chocolate dates', are arguably one of the most delicious semi-dried varieties of dates in the world. Piarom dates are unique in taste and appearance and are considered one of the most expensive varieties of date as their production is exclusive to Hajiabad.


Sayer Date

Sayer date is one of the main Iranian dates for export. About 65% of Iranian dates belongs to this type of fruit dates. Almost 40% of total export of Iranian dates is allocated to Sayer Dates. Sayer (Stamaran) Date and Zahedi Dates are the major types of date fruits in Khuzestan province, Iran which mostly for export in international market while the other types of dates like, Kabkab, Khazravi, Gantar, and Hallavi are mainly used in local market.


Rabbi Date

Rabbi date is amongst the best loved and earliest date varieties. Their production is exclusive to Iran, with cultivars grown in Sistan and Baluchestan province, known to produce dates of particularly high quality. Rabbi dates come just behind Stamaran, Shahani, Mazafati and Kabkab dates as having the most economic value of all date produce in Iran.


Medjool Date

Medjool dates as the “diamond of dates” are typical for their special attributes, as they are large in size, have a special sweet caramel-like and juicy fresh taste even when they are dried. They are originally from Middle East and North Africa however; they can be grown in some desert-like regions successfully. Medjool dates are typically considered as important part of middle easterners’ cuisine and daily diet. There are high quality types of Medjool dates that cultivated in Iran which is absolutely comparable with their best quality ones grown in other regions. Medjool dates are a healthier alternative to more caloric desserts as they are rich in essential minerals with only about 66 calories in each dates.


What is date fruit?

If you’ve never tried date fruit before, it’s perhaps not surprising. Whilst they are a popular staple food of the Middle East, where they have been around for thousands of years, they are not as commonly found elsewhere in the world. In essence, dates are the fruit of the date palm. They are a small (2cm to 7cm), oval fruit with a seed in the middle. The word date actually comes from the Greek work 'daktylos', meaning 'finger' due to their shape. There are many different varieties of dates, each with its own unique texture and taste, and varying in colour.

Dates also vary in moisture content and are grouped accordingly into 3 types – soft dates or wet dates, semi-dried dates and dried dates – depending on their moisture content. Soft dates or wet dates, such as Mazafati, Medjool, Halawy, Barhee and Khadrway dates, are thick-fleshed, moist and have a sweet, caramel flavour. Semi-dried dates, such as Piarom, Sayer, Kabkab, Deglet Noor, and Deyri, have a firmer, crunchy, fibrous flesh. Dried dates, such as Zahedi, and Thoory dates, have not been deliberately dehydrated in the way that other dried fruits are produced, but are dry simply because they contain very little moisture when ripe and these are less sweet.


Date Palm

About 3% of the earth’s farmland is covered by date palms, producing four million tons a year. There are many date plantations across the world, with some varieties of date being exclusive to particular countries or regions. According the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the main date fruit producers include Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and Libya. They are, however, grown in other countries which can offer the right conditions for proper cultivation.

To grow as they should, date palms require the right balance of environmental factors including a sufficient direct sunlight and just the right amount of water as allowing the soil to dry out can be disastrous and stop the date palm from growing completely. They also require fertilizer and just the right temperature (above 20°C). Because of these requirements, the areas in which they can be grown are restricted. Typically, they are grown tropical or sub-tropical countries which can offer the right climate – this is where we find the main producers listed above. Date plantations are, however, found in warm areas of the United States (predominatly in the Coachella Valley, California), as well as in warmer areas of Europe, such as southern parts of Spain. It is worth noting that there are varieties of date palm which can withstand cold conditions; however, these palms rarely bear fruit, which is the ultimate goal of producers.


Dates nutritional value?

One reason dates are so popular is their impressive nutritional content. Dates contain a plethora of vitamins, minerals and nutrients and countless health benefits, making them a great dietary staple for almost anyone (particularly as very few people are actually allergic to them). In fact, they are often recommended by doctors and health professionals, as the benefits of eating dates as part of a balanced diet becomes more recognised.

Date fruits contain essential vitamins such as vitamin A, which supports bone growth, improves the immune system and helps to maintain healthy vision; vitamin C, which helps to protect the cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, improve cardiovascular health and support the healthy formation of collagen, cartilage, blood vessels and muscles; and vitamin B, which is essential for energy production and metabolism. In terms of minerals, dates contain plenty of potassium, which helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure; calcium, which is well known for its role in developing healthy bones and teeth; and iron, which helps to boost the immune system and produce haemoglobin for the healthy production of red blood cells. Additionally, dates are a rich source of fibre - 48% of our daily fibre needs, in fact - which aids digestive health, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol levels and helps to maintain a healthy bodyweight. As such, dates can be an effective way to prevent various health conditions and diseases, including anaemia, heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and even certain types of cancer.


Why to include dates in everyone’s daily diet

As a well-known source of energy, vitamins, and minerals like phosphorus, iron, potassium, and calcium, it is highly recommended by health specialist to consume fruit dates every day for a healthy balanced daily diet. Besides nutriment value, research results show that date fruits are rich in phenolic compounds holding antioxidant activity which is vital for preventing cancer diseases. Health benefits of dates are massive; therefore, it has special value in every family daily shopping list.

Green Diamond company focus on selection of varieties with high antioxidant components to serve premium quality dates to its’ customers. Green diamond always believes in providing best products for highest customer satisfaction.

Here is the list of main benefits of fruit dates for a healthier life:

Maintain Healthy weight
Great energy booster
Reduce the risk of stroke
Provide energy for anemic patients
Diminish allergic reactions
Strengthen the bones
Prevent abdominal cancer
Lower night blindness
Promote healthy bowel movements and control diarrhea


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