2016 February

Fruit on Palm Trees

The most common fruits that grow from palm trees are coconuts and dates. Other fruits from palm trees include the acai berry, jubaea, peach palm fruit and betel nut. Grown on the date palm, dates are a delicious and versatile fruit, packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. There are a whopping 4000+ species of dates grown on

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Fresh Date Fruit

When dates are picked fresh, they are reddish/yellow in colour and very hard. Once they are green – in what is known as the Kimiri stage – they are ready to eat, and are juicy and full of simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. With the largest suppliers in East Asia, dates are available in

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7 Reasons to Eat a Date Fruit Every Day

There are so many health benefits of eating date fruit that the list is almost endless. We thought we’d try and condense these into 7 key reasons that might convince you to introduce dates into your diet – one reason for every day of the week!   Monday Let’s start with the obvious – they’re

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