7 Reasons to Eat a Date Fruit Every Day

There are so many health benefits of eating date fruit that the list is almost endless. We thought we’d try and condense these into 7 key reasons that might convince you to introduce dates into your diet – one reason for every day of the week!



Let’s start with the obvious – they’re sticky, sweet and delicious! A far better alternative to the sugary snacks you might be tempted to eat – and definitely just as tasty.



They’re great for strong, healthy bones. Date fruit is packed with minerals such as selenium, manganese, copper and magnesium, making them excellent at strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating diseases such as osteoporosis.



They promote healthy digestion and relieve constipation. Date fruit is high in fibre which is essential for regular bowl movements and colon efficiency. In turn, this can lower the risk of certain colon and bowel health issues, including colitis, haemorrhoids and even colon cancer.



They’re a great energy booster. Because they are high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose, dates make the perfect snack in between meals or for when you need a quick sugar fix. They will help to curb those afternoon cravings and stop you reaching for unhealthy alternatives.



They keep the heart healthy. Left to soak overnight, crushed in the morning and consumed, dates have been found to have a positive effect on heart health. Dates are a rich source of potassium, the consumption of which has been found to reduce the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases and can also help to lower cholesterol.



They can help you to gain weight. A high calorie healthfood, dates are great for those who want to put on a few pounds – whether you’re slim and looking to bulk up, or have become weak due to medical reasons, dates are the way forward.



They can help to prevent anaemia. They may only be small, but their impressive iron levels make dates a perfect everyday supplement for those concerned about their iron levels. If you suffer from anaemia, dates can help to increase your iron levels, and leave you feeling far less lethargic.


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