Benefits of consuming dates before breakfast

Every one of us has grown up listening to these lines of eating a few things before breakfast or first thing in the morning and the endless list of health benefits they provide. At least we Asian have heard these lines a thousand times in the morning when we can barely open our eyes but are told to open our mouth and eat healthy beneficial stuff.

To be honest I am one of those people who can’t wake up in the morning, open my eyes and start eating so for me it has always been a difficult task avoiding these things because the perks of being born and raised in an Asian family, most convenient and accessible fruit i could consume is Dates.

Dates help boost your energy levels quickly as once we wake up our body needs sugar to recover from its process of sleep and to function properly, especially for those who work out late in the evening or at night. So instead of having breakfast with immense sugar components, you should try dates instead.

Dates have been known to help with constipation issues as the high levels of soluble fibre eases the bowel movement. Doctors recommend eating two to three dates on an empty stomach and see the magic it does.

They also help control blood sugar levels and help maintain the insulin production in our bodies, being a natural sweetener we can add them to our breakfast easily and replace them with processed fats and sugars. It has also been found dates help with better memory and retention if you consume them in the morning. A study found that rats fed dates mixed in their feed had better retention and memory and lesser anxiety-related behaviour. No wonder our moms are after us early in the morning.

Dates can also help improve bone health due to the several minerals present like potassium, calcium, phosphorous etc. So grab a few breakfast recipes that include dates or just simply add them to your breakfast or simply have them on an empty stomach and you will thank me later.