Date Fruit Calories

What are dates?
Dates are the small, sweet, sticky, dried fruit of the date palm tree. The date palm tree has been around for about 50 million years, and dates are thought to be one of the oldest cultivated fruits in existence. Because of their high fructose level, it has often been debated as to the reality of the health benefits of date fruit. However, the truth is that they are indeed a healthfood, packed full of vitamins, loaded with potassium and rich in iron – making them a great alternative to sugary snacks. What’s more, they’re just as sweet as some of the bad stuff – syrupy and sticky, with a rich honey taste.

What is a calorie?
People often bemoan calories in food – but what does this actually mean? Well, in simple terms, a calorie is a unit of energy. To say a foodstuff contains 50 calories, for example, relates to the amount of energy your body will get from consuming it. Information on calories can be found on the labels or packaging of your food, along with other information on its nutritional value, such as the amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat it contains.

Calories in date fruit
A large date (8g) contains approximately 23 calories, while a cup of pitted dates (178g) contains around 500.
It’s not all about calories though - alongside that, a cup of dates will also contain around 4.5g of protein, 0.7g of fat, 134g of carbohydrates, 14g of dietary fibre and 113g of sugar.
Dates as a means of gaining weight
More commonly, people are determined to lose weight; there are, however, some people who are on a mission to gain weight for various reasons. For these people, dates can be extremely helpful. Depending on the type, a single date may contain anywhere from 20 – 60 calories. It’s easy to see, therefore, how introducing 5-6 dates a day into your daily diet can help us to put on weight. Sure, you can also do this by eating junk food but, unlike junk food, dates are a healthy means of gaining weight. If you’re not keen on eating dates as they come, you can also get them into your diet through adding them to baked goods such as cakes and pastries as a means of making them sweet.

Can they also help me to lose weight?
In essence, yes. As with everything, moderation is key. If you don’t eat excessive amounts of dates, they can actually be used to promote weight loss. This is because they have a high fibre and water content which can help to fill the stomach, reducing our appetite and stopping us from reaching for other high calorie foods with far less nutritional value than dates.


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