Dates and Figs – Two of a Kind?

Despite its numerous health benefits, date fruit is unfortunately not used all that regularly. It is, however, the most popular fruit at Ramadan month, due in large part to its deliciousness, but also because of it high nutritional content. In fact, it is recommended that we enjoy date fruit every day to give us much needed vitamins such as A, B, C and E. In addition, it is loaded with minerals and other important substances like phosphorous, calcium, iron and magnesium, each of which has a different benefit to our bodies. What’s more, the date fruit’s high magnesium content means that it can help to improve our hearing and vision, relieve our joint and muscle pain and – perhaps more impressively – means it has cancer-preventing properties.

If you are in a period of fasting, eating dates daily after this time can help to reimburse your body for the sugar it has lost during the fast. Your digestive system also becomes sluggish during fasting, and eating dates can help to give this a much needed boost due to their high levels of fibre.

There is more than just one kind of date fruit, each with their own unique attributes and benefits.

  • Stamaran (Sayer), Piarom, Zahedi (Zahidi), Khazravi and Ashrasi – these are light brown in colour and have a semi-dry texture
  • Khassuie, Allmehtari, Mazafati (Kimia), Kabkab, Mordar Sang and Bahri – these are considered as ‘wet’ dates
  • Dayri – light brown in colour with a dry texture

Some of these – namely Allmehtari, Salani, Shahmoran, Colute and Mazafati (Kimia) dates - may sound more familiar than others and are available in markets both in countries in which they are cultivated and further afield.

Just like dates, doctors also recommend the regular consumption of figs as they are also a rich source of fibre. Figs, native to western Asia and Mediterranean countries, are mainly produced in Iran – they are organic and chemical- and pesticide-free, making them a popular choice.

Figs are similar to dates in that they are loaded with natural sugar, as well as other vitamins and minerals which can be eaten as a great alternative to less healthy snacks. Something they also have in common is their ability to improve centralization and steadily increase our blood sugar level. So, if you are looking to gain weight, or alleviate severe constipation, either of these two fruits will suffice.


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