Dates are beneficial for daily exercise

When it comes to work out and daily exercise all we tend to focus on is eating less, in general, and to avoid sugar at all cost. We try to shun sweets and sugar related products to achieve our set goals and objectives. We never realize that sugar could have some alternate. We never bother to explore any alternate of sugar that may have better components to fulfil our body needs. Usually, people tend to eat a lot of sugary stuff on their cheat days which ultimately leads to zero progress. To answer all the questions that are popping up in your heads right now, let’s divert your attention towards a fruit that contains everything your body is in need off. Yes, we are talking about Dates fruits.

This oval shaped edible sweet fruit is truly a gift from heaven. It is packed with carbohydrates, potassium and mineral which are the best when it comes to exercise and then recovery. The king of all dates Medjool is usually bigger in size and a single dose is enough to satisfy your sugar cravings that too with slow-burning carbs, which means the carbohydrates are slowly released in our bloodstream as they come in a low glycemic form.

Furthermore, dates are packed with potassium that helps reduce muscle cramps after workouts. They are packed with more potassium than usual sports drinks. They are natural, non-processed, cheap, economical and accessible.

Dates are also beneficial when it comes to post-workout recovery. The muscles are sensitive to insulin post workout and the capacity to store glycogen is at peak so the high carb content in dates helps with post sweat and improves performance in back to back workouts. You have to be careful about timings to get the best result of consuming Dates.

Lastly, they are a natural sweetener and an easy snack. Add them to your post-workout or your pre-workout oatmeal’s or just grabs them in the go, a handful in a plastic bag will do and you are good to go. So don’t hate sugar rather go on a date with it. Eat smart and enjoy life!