Deglet Noor Dates

There are various different kinds of dates, each with their own unique characteristics which make them different and distinguishable from one another.


Deglet Noor dates are one of many kinds of date fruit, identified by their light colour and soft texture. Deglet Noor dates are considered to be amongst the best varieties of dates in the world and are, by some, considered the ‘queen of all dates’. The ‘king of dates’ is thought to be the Medjool date. Unlike Deglet Noor dates, Medjool dates are considerably large in size when compared to other date varieties. Both have succulent flesh but are distinct in taste – Medjool dates have a sweet taste, whilst Deglet Noor dates are described as having a honey-like taste.


Deglet Noor dates were originally cultivated in Algeria, on the northern coast of Africa. To this day, Algeria remains the main producer of this variety of date; other producers include Libya, Tunisia and the United States. They require specific conditions in which to grow as this can have an impact on both the quantity and quality of production. The harvest season for this particular variety of date, whereby they can be grown to their full potential, begins in October and continues until January. However, rain fall and winter conditions can spoil production and lead to delayed fruiting. Kept in optimum storage conditions, Deglet Noor dates can be kept for in excess of one year if refrigerated. However, for better quality, it is recommended to enjoy them within 6 months.


In terms of nutrition, the Deglet Noor date is loaded with vitamins and minerals which make it a perfect snack option for when you need an energy boost.


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