Fruit on Palm Trees

The most common fruits that grow from palm trees are coconuts and dates. Other fruits from palm trees include the acai berry, jubaea, peach palm fruit and betel nut. Grown on the date palm, dates are a delicious and versatile fruit, packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre. There are a whopping 4000+ species of dates grown on date palms across the world. Each variety of date is unique in its size, colour, texture and taste, so there’s many different options to choose from. Generally speaking, dates are sweet, thin-skinned fruits with a hard core. They grow in clusters on the date palm – a huge palm which can grow in excess of 20 metres.


There are many different kinds of date palm, each bearing its own unique fruit. Some of the better known date palm varieties include:



Where do date palms grow?

Date palms require a certain environment in order to bear good quality dates. Of the 4,000 species of date palm grown worldwide, over half are cultivated in tropical regions which can offer the climate and weather conditions they need for production. Date palms are predominantly grown in the southern regions of the following countries:

  • Iran
  • North America
  • Africa
  • Saudi Arabia


What are they used for?

What’s great about date palms is that almost every part of the palm can be utilised for various purposes and to create various goods such as:

  • Food (bread, honey, wine etc.)
  • Baskets and mats
  • Soap and other cosmetic products


Date palms are therefore one of the oldest and more fruitful plants grown by man.


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