How Dates prevent heart related diseases?

Heart disease or cardiovascular pain is a type of disease in which blockades stops the circulation of blood in vessels and makes them narrow which often leads to a heart attack, stroke or chest pain and could be life threatening. Some of the symptoms of heart disease are pain in upper body, chest pressure, breathing issues, pain in neck abdomen and back, swelling of ankles and legs etc.


How to get rid of such fatal diseases? It is highly recommended to be eaten at the time of childbirth. Eating dates daily can protect us from heart attack. Adding dates in your daily routine can improve your blood level and it contains some antioxidants which prevent handling of walls.


Other than Heart disease, Dates are excellent source of fibre which helps to low the blood cholesterol level. Dates also contain some antioxidants which help in lowering the cholesterol level and maintaining the weight. It also contains several minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium etc we can also find several minerals in dates including vitamin A, B and vitamin C.


Ajwa Kajoor are considered best dates not only in taste but also believed as most suitable to cure of heart related disease and cardiovascular treatment. If you are thinking that consuming date once will take you away from heart disease you are misunderstood and need to transform your thought. Consuming dates at least 4 times in a day with consistency would distance you from such fatal disease.


Ajwa kajoor contain sulfur, iron, oil, potassium and copper. Ajwa kajoor are highly nutritious. All these supplements are mandatory and necessary for human body, instead of collecting from different sources dates are the best single source to get all these supplements at once. The first person who suffered from heart attack was hazrat Saad bin abi waqas he eat ajwa khajoor daily with grinding seeds after making his habit of eating it daily he never got any sort of heart disease.


Ajwa kajoor can be used by making its paste including its grinding seed and should be used by the sufferer or patient daily and regularly after six to eight weeks the patient will notice a drastic change in his health.