Organic Dates

There are many different types of dates in production across the world – some of which are made only with natural ingredients. There are different means of cultivating dates - organic dates are grown in a natural environment, such as farms, in an area chosen for its suitable cultivating conditions and climate. The farms on which they are grown offer plenty of direct sunlight and enough water and fertile soil. The soil itself has not had any chemical material added to it during the years of cultivation. These dates are then handpicked directly. It is particularly important that this type of date be kept away from foods such as onion and fish, as well as from any form of oil production, as they are susceptible to absorbing up their odours.


In other words, organic dates are grown as nature intended, without any interference from outside sources, and are the most natural kind of date available. Organic dates look natural too and are easily distinguishable from other kinds of date fruit – they are not richly coloured like some varieties of dates, but are not pale either. They have a pleasant taste and make one of the greatest natural sweeteners. Unlike some varieties of date, they are not all too rich in vitamin C – but what they lack in vitamin C, they make up for in iron and fibre.


The tendency to grow foods organically has become more popular in recent years as we recognise the benefits of eating foods the way nature intended, without tampering with them for preservative reasons or to enhance certain qualities such as taste and appearance. One group in particular who can benefit from organic foodstuffs is pregnant women; organic date fruit is particularly good for pregnant women, especially if they are choosing to breastfeed.


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