Date Fruit Nutrients and Benefits

The benefits of eating date fruit as part of a healthy balanced diet is plentiful. It is worthwhile to break down the nutritional content of date fruit, in order to fully appreciate the abundance of health benefits that come from incorporated dates into your diet.   Minerals   Potassium This helps with: Lowering cholesterol; muscle

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Date Fruit and Diabetes

Dates are a replete of health benefits which can, in general, be eaten by almost anyone to provide the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients our bodies need to function properly. However, for those who suffer from diabetes, there is often a warning attached to the consumption of fruits in general. Diabetics are often restricted in

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Help! I’m Allergic to Date Fruit

A great source of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber and packed full of antioxidants, it’s hardly surprising that date fruit is one of the most popular fruits worldwide. Not only does it have a long list of health benefits, but it’s delicious too. This aside, it can cause a multitude of issues for those who find

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