Date Fruit Benefits

Dates have been a staple food of the Middle East for thousands of years and are widely cultivated and naturalized in many tropical and subtropical regions across the world. There are many different types of dates, amongst them the Mazafati (Kimia) date, Piarom (Piarum) date, Kabkab date, Morder Sang date and Zahedi (Zahidi) date.  

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Date Fruit Nutrients and Benefits

The benefits of eating date fruit as part of a healthy balanced diet is plentiful. It is worthwhile to break down the nutritional content of date fruit, in order to fully appreciate the abundance of health benefits that come from incorporated dates into your diet.   Minerals   Potassium This helps with: Lowering cholesterol; muscle

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7 Reasons to Eat a Date Fruit Every Day

There are so many health benefits of eating date fruit that the list is almost endless. We thought we’d try and condense these into 7 key reasons that might convince you to introduce dates into your diet – one reason for every day of the week!   Monday Let’s start with the obvious – they’re

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Dates and Figs – Two of a Kind?

Despite its numerous health benefits, date fruit is unfortunately not used all that regularly. It is, however, the most popular fruit at Ramadan month, due in large part to its deliciousness, but also because of it high nutritional content. In fact, it is recommended that we enjoy date fruit every day to give us much needed

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