The Health Benefits of Date Fruit

We all know that eating fruit helps to keep us healthy. Date fruit is actually one of the best fruits for providing us with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber our bodies need. It makes sense, therefore, that we should incorporate dates into our daily diets.
Why should we be concerned with being healthy?

The benefits of living a healthy life are plentiful. Treating our bodies well, in terms of what we eat and our exercise regime, can help protect us against various health issues, therefore increasing our chances of living a longer life. Not only will we live longer, but it will be a life free from the discomfort and inconvenience of health issues, allowing you to be the best version of you. You’ll feel the benefit of a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of your life - not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better - and people are sure to notice.


Fruit and its benefits

So what health benefits does fruit offer? Well, eating fruit is one way towards maintaining an all-round healthy diet. By making sure your body has all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre it needs in order to remain healthy, you can even reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases.


What are dates?

Simply put, dates are the fruit that come from the date palm and grow in clusters of 600 -1,700 dates at a time. They are small and oval in appearance, with a brown sticky, wrinkled coating. They’re a readily available source of goodness, with each date palm producing dates for over 60 years.

What about their nutritional value?

Dates aren’t just incredibly tasty - they’re also loaded with a multitude of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Dates are packed full of:


  • Potassium - which helps to keep your heart rate and blood pressure in check, reducing your risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Magnesium - which increases energy levels, aids digestion, relieves muscle aches and helps to keep your heart healthy
  • Calcium - which is essential for healthy bones and teeth
  • Vitamin A - which has antioxidant properties that help to maintain healthy vision and skin as well as helping to protect against certain cancers i.e. lung cancer, oral cancer
  • Vitamin B - which helps to convert our food into fuel for our bodies, keeping us energised throughout the day
  • Vitamin C - which helps to boost our immune system and therefore keep illness at bay
  • Vitamin K - which aids blood coagulation and is great for bone health
  • Copper - which is a key player in the production of red blood vessels
  • Simple sugars i.e. fructose and dextrose
  • Protein - which is the essential building block for our bones, muscles, skin and blood
  • Fiber - which helps to prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol and can also work as a laxative which can help to eliminate chemicals in the colon which may cause cancer
  • Antioxidant tannins - which are known to help prevent infection, inflammation and haemorrhaging
  • Antioxidant flavonoids - which are great cell protectors, keeping the harmful effects of oxygen free radicals at bay and thus helping to prevent certain cancers i.e. colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer
  • Zea-xanthin - which is an important carotenoid which, when absorbed, can provide antioxidant and light-filtering benefits and is therefore a great source of anti-aging goodness for those who want to stay youthful for longer
  • Iron - which is found in the hemoglobin within our red blood cells; the more iron, the more our body is able to carry oxygen in our blood


Filled with all this goodness, dates are perfect for a tasty and nutritional boost in between meals, or for a snack on the go.


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