Where to Buy Dates

There are many different varieties of date fruit. As such, some varieties are exclusive to a particular supplier.


Mazafati dates, identified by its attractive black colour and arguably one of the most delicious of all date varieties, is predominantly cultivated in Jiroft and Kahnoui in Kerman Province. This area is also home to the main shopping center for purchasing Mazafati dates, and can also be purchased in Saravan and Iranshahr in Sistan and Balouchestan province.


Zahedi dates are a dry form of date with a low moisture content. They are yellowish in colour and have a satisfying, sweet taste. Zahedi dates are amongst the most popular and widely used of all date varieties. The main supplier of this type of date is Dashtestan in Bushehr province, but they can be grown in most tropical cities in Iran and are also cultivated in Fars and Kerman provinces.


Piarom dates are organically cultivated and are thus considered by many to be the most delicious semi-dried date available in Southern provinces and the most northern part of the Hormozgan province. Consumers should be savvy when purchasing this kind of date to ensure that the shopping center they are purchasing the date from are sanitary and dust-free. Avoid purchasing from hot and humid places as this can cause palm corruption, and also avoid purchasing from places that also produce onions, fish, meat and oil products as this can severely affect the quality of the dates. When looking for good quality, you should look for date palms with a thin texture, and which do not smell bad or have sugar on their surface.


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